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Mithila Art

Mithila, the state of Maithili speaking territory of Nepal (mid-east) is said was a highly educated country sometime thousands of years ago, especially at the period of king Janak (father of Sita who was married with Lord Rama). At that period of history the country was very rich also in arts which is nowadays is called the MITHILA ARTS.
The art is a kind of traditional painting that reflects the natural environment including animals, people, life style, tradition and culture of the local people. This kind of traditional Maithili painting can be seen on the various places and objects like house walls, papers, and clothing and on the pottery products. Since the modern city culture is growing very fast Mithila painting needed to preserve for the future generation and even to educate to the outside world as a kind of ethnic arts. Not only to preserve or to show; it carries the future and the story of the women of the weak financial condition of Mithila region. Looking at these facts Mithila handicraft offers the paper products that have rich Maithila painting on them. Such products are Mithila personal pocket mirrors, Mithila trays, Mithila wall mirrors, Mithila pen stands, Mithila tea-mats, Mithila greeting cards, Mithila T-shirts etc.